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TownCenter Partners funds the Plaintiff and Plaintiff Law Firms in all case types Nation Wide and International. Commercial litigation funding unlocks the value of commercial lawsuits by providing an infusion of capital to business entities and law firms before and after their high-stake commercial claims reach a settlement. This type of financing has existed for many years and is increasingly becoming a mainstream funding solution that helps equalize access to the legal system. The financing supplied by TownCenter Partners LLC is a type of non-recourse debt.

We provide financing to the Fortune 500 and to leading law firms around the nation, on a single-case and portfolio basis. The disbursed capital can assist off balance sheet expenses to hide the costs of litigation that can negatively infringe upon company performance. Our promptly available non-recourse financing options start at $10,000 and goes up to Millions of Dollars for The Plaintiff and or Plaintiff Law Firm.


What are the benefits of
Commercial Litigation Funding?

The capital provided by monetizing legal claims can directly pay for litigation costs, including attorneys’ fees, expert witness fees and a various amount of other court expenses.

Here are some of the added benefits of financing commercial litigation:

Commercial Claimants

Allows undercapitalized claimants to pursue the most meritorious of cases by financing their own litigation expenses
Provides capital injections for filed claims that experience funding constraints<
Reduces the risks of a premature settlement
Unlocks liquidity for working capital
Provides a cushion for personal and business expenses
Allows companies to manage how litigation costs affect their balance sheets
Enables greater access to expert litigators

 Commercial Law Firms

Allows commercial law firms to accept cases from potential clients who otherwise could not afford their fees
Provides capital for all commercial litigation expenses, including expert witness fees
Reduces the risk that clients will run out of money during litigation
Enables firms to offer more flexible payment arrangements to their prospective clientele


What Lawsuits Do We Finance?

TownCenter Partners funds the Plaintiff and Plaintiff Law Firms in all case types Nationwide and Internationally.

We are capable of providing litigation funding for virtually any type of commercial litigation and arbitration, of any size, in almost any industry. Lawsuits included (but are not limited to):

• Business, Contract and Investment Disputes



• Trade Secrets



• Anti-Trust and Unfair Competition



• Whistleblower/QUI TAM



• Fraud Cases. A false representation of fact, by falsifying, misleading, or concealing what should have been disclosed.


• Business torts Cases. Wrongful acts committed against businesses, often intentional, but sometimes due to negligence.


• Breach of contract Cases. When a binding agreement or bargained for exchange is not honored by one or more parties.


• Judgments. Court decisions regarding the rights and liabilities of parties in a lawsuit, whether on appeal or in collection.


• Arbitration. The settling of disputes between parties by a private arbitration proceeding, frequently having an international angle.


• Professional or Legal negligence


• Breach of duty of care between professionals and their clients.


• Bankruptcy Funding. Bankruptcy funding presents a host of opportunities for bankruptcy estate representatives, litigation trustees and their counsel seeking to maximize the value of litigation claims in a bankruptcy estate or litigation trust for the benefit of creditors and other stakeholders. Bankruptcy estates and litigation trusts often lack the resources to pay for the high quality legal counsel needed to pursue the full value of claims. Our funding provides those resources. It also encourages counsel to offer services on contingency, a fee arrangement widely demanded by clients and generally accepted by bankruptcy judges. Claims need no longer be abandoned or settled for pennies-on-the-dollar, but can be pursued on their merits to their best outcomes with funding. In addition, our funding can pay for costly pre-litigation or pre-confirmation claims analyses. Finally, funding can provide a liquidity event for a bankruptcy estate or litigation trust on a successful or valuable litigation that is ongoing. This allows the estate or trust to bring new claims, pay other expenses or make distributions to creditors.

• Appeal Funding. Appeal funding allows a client or lawyer to monetize a portion of a judgment while the appeal is pending. Our funding is non-recourse, meaning if the case fails there is no need to repay the investment.


Plaintiff and Plaintiff Law Firm Driven ONLY

TCP is focused on assisting the Plaintiff and Plaintiff Law Firm in their fight for Justice. Unlike other Litigation Funders we do not fund Defense Litigation or Defendants. This is prvodied unwavering Loyalty and to keep our commitment to our clients.

The Justice Litigation Funding process – from initial communication to negotiation of a term sheet, through due diligence review, execution of funding agreement, and case followup – has been developed and is conducted with, the highest ethical standard of performance in mind. Our Focus is on:

• Preserving the confidentiality of documents and information.

• Making sure no restrictions on the ability of counsel to exercise independent judgment on behalf of the claimholder throughout the litigation.

• Preserving the attorney client privilege and the attorney work product protection.

• Protecting the lawyers duty of loyalty to the client.

• Having the client to seek independent legal advice in connection with its consideration of any litigation funding transaction.

• Complying with applicable legal and regulatory rules in the jurisdiction.


Code Of Conduct

TownCenter Partners LLC is dedicated to seeing Justice served via legal financing. Our aim is to provide capital solutions that allow companies and indivisuals to allocate resources to their best use, and thereby promote growth. TCP commits to the following principles:

CONFIDENTIALITY. TCP will observe the confidentiality of all information and documentation and subject to the terms of any applicable court order and Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement to which we are a party.

ATTORNEY INDEPENDENCE. TCP will not interfere with the independent professional judgment and the duty of loyalty of the attorney(s) representing the Plaintiff.

SETTLEMENT AUTHORITY. The plaintiff decides when and what is the right and correct settlement offer.

REVIEW PROCESS. TCP commits to expeditiously conduct our review and to inform a potential plaintiff of a funding decision ASAP as Justice does not Sleep. TCP also recognizes the need to preserve privileges and conduct our review accordingly and in consultation with the attorney(s) representing the Plaintiff.

COMMITMENT TO FUND. TCP will not require in its agreement a unilateral right to exit an investment as we are commited to the fight for Justice and supporting our Plaintiff's.

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