Asset Advisory Services

Either you, your company, or family has suffered a substantial loss, and now due to the Justice system, you have a monetary award.

This is where TownCenter Partners LLC steps in and assists with its newly formed Asset Advisory group, RE TCP LLC, and Fund. The Asset Advisory Team has experience in over $1.6 Billion Dollars in Real Estate assets and so forth.

A newly created Fund, called RE Fund LLC, which will be over $750 million, will assist clients who have won financial awards from lawsuits with investing their lawsuit awards. RE Fund LLC will review qualified investments in incoming producing real estate and related assets that will generate monthly income with Equity/Investment growth in 5 to 10 years. RE TCP LLC will invest also into the fund also to show its a commitment to its clients. The Fund or via single purpose entities we will focus on income-producing assets in the Multifamily Housing arena. We will focus on cash flow from day one and quality assets, We will use a proven matrix of finding quality assets and not overpaying for assets. We believe a market correction is coming and by using what a property is generating today income-wise, and with not focusing on a massive rehab and turnaround of the property this will lead to a sound investment plan. RE TCP LLC is dedicated to providing unbiased investment advice and strategic wealth planning to individuals, families, business owners, and entrepreneurs.

We unravel the complexity and develop a plan for you that will deliver achievable outcomes to meet your individual needs. Our company remains small enough to provide individual and personal service, a size where every one of us knows every client. Our relationship with you is supported by the strongest standard of integrity and accountability.

We help our clients to create and implement highly personalized strategies designed to:

• Preserve and Grow family wealth
• Help continue to build a legacy
• Transfer wealth to the next generation
• Plan for growth and succession
• Support charitable causes that are important to you

We have developed many relationships that help us bring the necessary expertise, strategies, and research to help our clients achieve successful results. We value these relationships and firmly believe in our network of professionals, which enables us to better serve our clients.

RE TCP LLC, the Fund manager will earn at a max of 2% per year Asset Management Fee plus a max. of 24% percent of Cash Flow and Profit. No other fees or costs whatsoever. Our goal will to be create a High-Return annualized IRR plus all return of Initial Capital via refinance or sale plus profits. Other than Asset Management Fee no other fees will be charged as to focus on driving profits to the Investors. The assets that are being focused on are Class B+ and Class A apartment complexes of 170 units or more and Multifamily Housing complexes. These complexes are underperforming and with a change of management, via professional third party management, upgrades to the property, and hands-on ownership: occupancy will increase and with a rental rate increase as the complex was charging below-market rents. Applying our Value Add System, Substantial VALUE is now created for our Investors. As a commitment to our Investors, the Fund Manager will reduce its ownership share if ever needed so its Investors meet the planned IRR returns. Holding period will be 10 years or less. If all the Investors wish to hold the asset longer the Manager will employ best efforts to do so.

At certain times newly created entities (Limited Liability Companies) will be formed that will hold ownership these entities that will own the apartment complexes. All offers will be a via 506(c) Private Placement that is open only for Accredited Investors ONLY. Third-party verification of Investor Accreditation via Verify Investor or CPA or Attorney through our Investor Portal.

Upon an Exit of an Investment, the Outs and Ins of the 1031 Exchange is a HUGE benefit to apartment Investors. The 1031 exchange allows the investor to sell one property and use the equity to purchase a new property, with 100% of capital gains taxes deferred. Essentially, in deferring capital gains tax obligations, investors are able to use the government’s due tax dollars for real estate investment and earn the return on that capital without having to pay anything to the government besides the actual tax obligation owed whenever, in the future, the investor chooses not to exercise his right to a 1031 exchange. Should all Investors wish to do a 1031, Manager will employ best efforts to complete.


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