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TownCenter Partners provides lawsuit cash advances for commercial litigation cases. We can get you money quickly so your attorney can get you the maximum settlement you deserve. If you need a loan to help pay bills or expenses until your lawsuit settles, we can help. Don't accept a "low-ball" settlement on your case just because you need funding. You don’t have to struggle through a long legal process alone. Email to get the help you need with money for your lawsuit.


Why use litigation funding?

Litigation Expenses.
Includes attorney fees, expert witnesses, trial exhibits, and court fees.

Working Capital
Includes salaries, rent, supplies, and other business expenses.

Settlement Acceleration
Receive your recovery or fees from settlements up front.


It's a Simple Process

Submit your application for funding and execute NDA.

The Justice team reviews your case and if approved sends you a contract with deal terms.

Funds are sent out Quickly.

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