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  • Once we have the permission to speak with your lawyer, we speak directly with them to fully understand your case and get the remaining information we need.


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Getting funding is easier than you think...

Watch the video to see how TownCenter Partners can bring in the big guns to advance you cash so that you can level the playing field when battling defendants with deep pockets. NOTE: The term "loan" or "loans," where used to describe lawsuit funding is not an accurate legal or financial definition of the transaction. IT IS NOT A LOAN. The transaction is a non-recourse purchase of a portion of the proceeds of a potential future case award or settlement. A loan is a transaction that always requires repayment. Our lawsuit funding only requires repayment if the plaintiff receives a favorable recovery. If the plaintiff loses their case, they do not repay anything.

Our highly-experienced team dives into a case, assessing its merits, providing strategic guidance where desired, lining up experts to strengthen it, and — most importantly — deploys the funding needed to carry the case through to its best outcome. We share risk — we are repaid only if the case is successful — and we promote collaboration among client, law firm and funder. Our financing is designed to align the interests of all parties. Really, it’s quite simple. We partner with you to help you win.


Your Litigation Finance Partner

Plaintiffs and their legal teams can be daunted by the high cost and length of complex litigation. They often walk away from potentially strong cases because they can’t carry the costs. That’s where TownCenter Partners LLC can enter the picture. We provide funding to plaintiffs and their law firms engaged in large disputes, both in the U.S. and abroad.


Legal funding, or litigation finance, is not a loan — it is an advance of cash. There are no monthly payments, no upfront payments, and money is advanced on a non-recourse basis — meaning that we only get paid if you win your case.


For plaintiffs involved in disputes of all sizes in the United States and abroad, TownCenter Partners LLC provides investment capital to enable them to pursue their claims to the most desirable outcome. We work with law firms, corporations and individuals, offering our unique experience, a risk-sharing partnership, transparency of operation and simplicity of funding terms.


What Some of Our Customers Have to Say

"They were great to work with, and I received funding same day" - Mark
"We fought a large company that had defrauded us and TownCenter helped us continue our fight." - Alex
"TownCenter helped my family get back on its feet." - Lacey K