Litigation Finance for Longshore Act Injury. Get Cash As Soon As Today With A Pre-Settlement Legal Funding For Your Longshore Act Lawsuit.

If you have filed a personal injury lawsuit as a result of being injured while working on the docks or other harbor work, waiting for your financial settlement award can be a frustrating and frightening time as the bills pile up. There is hope however. TownCenter Partners can offer a pre-settlement legal funding for your Longshore Act lawsuit.

A legal funding means you don’t have to wait until your case settles to benefit from your expected award. You can get a portion of your future settlement as soon as today. That’s right, based on the strength of your case you could get between $500 and $20,000 dollars as an advance against the potential award you’ll receive from your Longshore Act personal injury lawsuit.

An additional benefit is that the cash advance is a non-recourse transaction. That means if you take the legal funding and you end up losing your case, you do not repay the amount already provided to you. It’s no-risk!

You can rest easy knowing you can get the financial resources to pay your current bills, provide for you and your family, and focus on getting back on your feet. There is absolutely no cost to apply and see if you qualify. There are no up-front fees. There are no monthly payments. Bad credit doesn’t matter. And, the process couldn’t’ be easier; you apply, we call your attorney to learn the details of your case, if approved, we’ll send out an agreement for both you and your attorney to sign. Once we receive those signed agreements, we can send you the cash right away.

Don’t wait. Simply complete the application on this site. The sooner you start the process, the sooner you may be able to have the cash you need… even as soon as today!

If you would like provide specific information about your case, please click here for our inquiry form: Litigation Finance Form

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