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How Usury & Other Consumer Lending Regulations Can Affect Litigation Finance Agreements

Every state has usury laws that limit the amount of interest that a lender can charge a borrower.  Because litigation financing is often misapprehended as a “lawsuit loan,” there has been some suggestion that usury law can apply to limit…
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Of Babies and Bathwater in Kentucky

In a poorly reasoned decision arising from a set of unusual facts, a federal district court in Kentucky recently ruled that litigation funding contracts are void under Kentucky law.  This decision depends upon some profoundly misinformed ideas about how litigation…
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More Third-Party Litigation Funding Means Better Third-Party Litigation Funding

In many cases, third-party litigation funders receive a high rate of return for their investment in a plaintiff’s claim.  For many critics, such a high rate of return is seen as proof that there is something unseemly – maybe even…
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