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Is Litigation Finance Really Such a Contradiction to Established Norms? — Part 2

Those who advocate using economic theory to analyze law argue that economic efficiency is a test for determining when a legal rule makes sense.  Under this analysis, rules that would expressly or effectively prohibit third-party litigation finance do not make…
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Third-Party Financing and a Victory for the Little Guy

On Good Friday in 2006, a hailstorm across Indiana caused more than a billion dollars in damage and provided an opportunity to show how litigation finance can be an instrument for justice.  When an insurance company violated its duties to…
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More Third-Party Litigation Funding Means Better Third-Party Litigation Funding

In many cases, third-party litigation funders receive a high rate of return for their investment in a plaintiff’s claim.  For many critics, such a high rate of return is seen as proof that there is something unseemly – maybe even…
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