Mythbusting: Why the Critics of Litigation Finance Are Wrong

Since the 1990s, more and more litigants have turned to third parties for financial support in meeting their litigation costs. In alternative litigation financing (ALF), an investor provides a cash payment to a litigant in return for a share of any recovery in the case.
As ALF has become more widespread, it has become the subject of significant debate.

This article, appeared in the December issue of The Federal Lawyer and was written by TownCenter Partners’ Roni Elias.  Roni A. Elias leads the litigation finance team at TownCenter Partners LLC, a boutique litigation funding company that funds plaintiffs and plaintiffs law firms nationwide. TownCenter Partners LLC is a litigation funder with a social mission and continues to level the playing field in litigation. Elias can be reached at or (703) 570-5264. © 2017.  Roni A. Elias. All rights reserved.