The Reality of Crowdfunded Assistance

Ms. Nichols asked for $75,000 online to bail her son out, who is being held in Las Vegas awaiting a murder trial.  Her son is 16 and has been accused of shooting and killing another teen during a fight.  Ms. Nichols pled her case on a website called Funded Justice.  Here, she told her and her son’s story and posted photos of him.

Ms. Nichols is among an avalanche of individuals who are turning to crowdfunding platforms to pay for expenses such as criminal defense, civil litigation, or medical bills.  On websites such as Funded Justice, people like Ms. Nichols ask strangers online to help them with their pays through small donations to help pay off high bail or legal bills. However, Ms. Nichols has not received a single dollar since she started her campaign.

A researcher notes that people are psychologically wired to hesitate to donate to campaigns that are not already successful.  In fact, people are more likely to scroll right by Ms. Nichols’ campaign that has not raised any money and donate to a campaign with $10,000 already raised.

This reality leaves only a handful of solutions.  One solution is seeking the help of a litigation financer.  The other solution is working extra and paying a bondsman to help with a bail payment.  Either way, a disadvantage is given.  As time progresses, crowdfunding may or may not become more popular.  But for right now, if you see a reputable case, and you are looking to help a good cause, donate to the individuals who have not received any help.  They likely will be more than appreciative.


Keywords: litigation finance, crowdfunding, disadvantage, popular


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