An Important Career Path Alternative

As time has progressed, litigation finance has become a more attractive career path for lawyers who have grown tired of the billable hour.  This industry allows lawyers to draw on their experience while also challenging them to ensure a claim will become a good investment.

According to Steven Friel, a hiring manager at an international firm, it has become increasingly popular for associates and partners, in the prime of their careers, to leave their offices to work in litigation finance.  He says that “litigation funding is seen as a good option for ambitious lawyers on the way up and seeking an alternative route to interesting and challenging legal work.”  He also noted that his firm has received many applications from partners and other top lawyers.

More often than not, the lawyers who attempt to make the jump into litigation finance are individuals who have previous arbitration or litigation experience and are familiar with trying to find a successful legal strategy that will help to ensure a client prevails and an investment is secure.

Also, litigation finance has taken the international market by storm as well and is no longer confined to the United States, Great Britain, and Australia.  While previously it was prohibited by many countries, this is changing.  Now, litigation finance is becoming widely accepted.  Job opportunities are now arising in jurisdictions like Singapore and Hong Kong.

In short, if you want something exciting, litigation finance could be the career for you.  Break away from the stress of litigation and challenge yourself with something new!


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