Trucking lawsuits can create severe financial strains, but a Legal Funding can help eliminate the stress.

Accidents involving commercial trucks; including panel trucks, cargo vans, and the “big rigs,” usually present more involved personal injury cases with greater settlement awards simply because there are often more parties that likely share in the overall liability. Personal injury legal claims that arise out of trucking accidents often win their claims because negligence is a common factor, and during the process those injured can get financial help by way of a pre-settlement legal funding if they find their legal claim is dragging on and they are suffering financially.

Trucking accidents can occur anywhere; a highway, local road, or a tight city street. After the accident, depending on how well your claim is being handled, you always have the option to hire an attorney that specializes in trucking accident cases. Specifically, you may want to consider consulting an attorney if you are experiencing extreme delays with the insurance company settling your claim, you have not been reimbursed for your medical expenses, or your claim has actually been denied.

Attorneys who handle trucking accident cases are personal injury lawyers who specialize in protecting you and your claim during the legal process. In addition, since these cases can take an extraordinary amount of time to settle, a legal funding from TownCenter Partners can get you some of the cash you would expect from your future commercial trucking lawsuit pre-settlement so you can take care of your family.

Legal funding for commercial trucking cases is not an uncommon occurrence. In fact, since most of these cases involve severe bodily injuries the recovery is lengthy and the challenges are many. None more critical than the financial strains that accompany such a situation.

TownCenter Partners can be a trusted resource to provide the financial assistance needed during a stressful time created by an unfortunate commercial trucking accident. If you have any questions about how TownCenter Partners may be a resource for you with pre-settlement legal funding, feel free to call us directly at 877-238-0011. These transactions, are no-risk, and carry no monthly payments. It is also free to apply, and we can often provide the funds in 24 hours.

If you’re considering a pre-settlement funding, call TownCenter Partners today, or simply complete the application by clicking the link below. TownCenter Partners will do everything we can to get you the financial help you need in advance of any expected settlement award.

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