Litigation Finance

Plaintiffs and their legal teams can be daunted by the high cost and length of complex litigation. They often walk away from potentially strong cases because they can’t carry the costs. That’s where we enter the picture.

Legal funding is not a loan, it is an advance of cash. There are no monthly payments, no upfront payments, and money is advanced on a non-recourse basis - meaning that we only get paid if you win your case.

We provide funding to plaintiffs and their law firms engaged in large disputes, both in the U.S. and abroad. Our highly-experienced team dives into a case, assessing its merits, providing strategic guidance where desired, lining up experts to strengthen it, and — most importantly — deploy the funding needed to carry the case through to its best outcome. We share risk — we are repaid only if the case is successful — and we promote collaboration among client, law firm and funder. Our financing is designed to align the interests of all parties. Really, it’s quite simple. We partner with you to help you win.

For plaintiffs involved in large disputes (damages greater than $10 million) in the United States and abroad, TownCenter Partners LLC provides investment capital to enable them to pursue their claims to the most desirable outcome. We work with law firms, corporations and individuals, offering our unique experience, a risk-sharing partnership, transparency of operation and simplicity of funding terms.

Areas of expertise:
Car/Motor Vehicle/Automobile Accidents
Workers' Compensation (Workers' Comp) Claims
Motorcycle Accidents
Premises Liability / Slip and Fall
Animal Bites
FELA - Workers Comp for Railroad Workers
Jones Act
Longshore Act
Mass Torts
Medical Malpractice
Nursing Home Negligence
Prescription Drug Litigation
Product Liability
Toxic Torts
Commercial Trucking
Wrongful Death

Glossary of Terms

Cash Advance – A cash advance is when one party, the payor, owes, or will owe, a sum of money to another party/person to be paid out at a future date, but instead the payor pays a portion of an expected future sum earlier than the scheduled payment date. A perfect example of a cash advance is if your employer gives you an advance on your paycheck. They are giving you money ahead of when you would normally get it.  A cash advance may even be provided by a third party as a typical loan or a non-recourse loan (as defined below).

Judgment – The final decision by a court in a lawsuit or appeal from a lower court’s judgment. The word “decree” is sometimes used as synonymous with judgment.

Legal Representative – A person acting for and legally authorized to execute a contract for an individual.

Lien – Any official claim against property or funds for payment of a debt or an amount owed for services rendered.

Loan – A financial transaction where one party, the borrower, receives cash from another party, the lender, where the borrower must repay the initial cash borrowed plus accrued interest to the lender over time, usually in monthly installments. If the borrower fails to repay the amount due at the due date, the lender has recourse to seek to reclaim the amount owed.

Lump sum – A sum of money paid in a single installment.

Non-recourse – “Without recourse.” A financial transaction where the financial institution is only entitled to repayment from the profits of the project that the funds are funding, not from other assets of the recipient. In the case of plaintiff cash funding, non-recourse means that if the plaintiff receives cash funding and ends up losing their case, then they do not have to repay the funds.

Personal Injury – An injury to a person’s body or mind, as the result of an accident.

Plaintiff – The person who initiates a lawsuit by filing a complaint with the clerk of the court against the defendant(s) demanding damages, performance and/or court determination of rights.

Post-settlement funding – money being advanced after a settlement has been made but not yet awarded to the plaintiff. With the way the law is structured, it can take time for the award to come in especially if the judgement were to be appealed.

Pre-settlement funding – money being advanced to victims in personal injury or othe lawsuit cases to assist with financial strain up until the settlement

Verdict – the finding or answer of a jury given to the court concerning a matter submitted to their judgment.

Wrongful death – When a person’s death is caused by the negligent or intentional act of another person or entity.

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