Injuries sustained in a bus accident can be quite devastating, leaving you or your child with lifelong permanent disabilities and lowered quality of life.

There were 234 major bus crashes in 2014 alone, and while that number seems small, buses often carry dozens of people at one time, so the number of lives put in peril during a bus crash is significant. If you sustained injuries during a bus accident and are awaiting settlement from an insurance company, the wait can take a toll on your finances. With bus accident pre-settlement funding, you can receive a portion of your expected settlement right away. This infusion of cash can help negate the financial stress associated with a major injury and keep you financially stable until the finalization of your settlement.

Bus Accident Pre-Settlement Funding and Your Bus Accident Claim

The injuries from a bus crash can be horrific. Most buses including school buses, tour buses, and mass-transit buses used in public transportation, are not equipped with seat belts so the injuries sustained can be very serious. Depending on the severity of the crash and the victim's location on the bus, injuries can even be fatal. Most bus crash injuries involve the head, neck, shoulders, and spine. Brain injuries, spinal fractures, and lung injuries can be complex and life-threatening, with victims often needing several corrective surgeries and extensive rehabilitation and physical therapy to return to a normal quality of life. Insurance companies stall as much as possible when it comes to making reasonable settlements with injured parties, which can be detrimental to your or your child's recuperation. Bus accident pre-settlement funding lets you forego the traditional back-and-forth with the insurance company and get the money you need now.

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