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Bad Pharmaceutical drugs lawsuit are similar to medical malpractice and defective product lawsuits. If the pharmaceutical company neglects to warm the public of adverse side effects or if their drugs have manufacturing defects the pharmaceutical company could be held legally responsible for any injuries or fatalities caused by their bad drugs. If you have been injured or have lost a loved one as result of a bad pharmaceutical drug you may be entitled to compensation and you may also qualify for bad drugs lawsuit cash advances. TownCenter Partners offers you low cost litigation funding to assist with the financial burden you may be facing while litigating your bad drug lawsuit. Contact us today and receive your bad drug lawsuit cash advance the next day.

Here is a list of the most recent bad pharmaceutical drugs that are currently being litigated:

* Avandia: can increase the risk of fracture bones, heart attack, and stroke
* Chantix: can lead to suicide
* Enbrel: adverse side effects include heart problems, blood thinning, allergies, and cancer
* Fen Phen: a cocktail of weight loss drugs prescriptions that can lead to heart attacks
* Gadolinium: severe skin rashes
* Paxil: can cause birth defects an can lead to infant fatalities
* Reglan: can lead to involuntary movements also known as dyskinesia
* Seroquel: can lead to diabetes and birth defects
* Tylenol: can cause liver damage
* Yaz: gallbladder complications, damages to the liver, heart failure, birth defects, and death
* Zicam: can lead to the lost smell sense and taste sense

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