Legal funding for car or other motor vehicle accident victims is simple — get cash with a pre-settlement lawsuit funding before your legal case settles. Call today!

Get cash before your lawsuit settles with a pre-settlement legal funding, and stop worrying about how to pay today's bills. The injuries you suffered from the car or other type of motor vehicle accident left you unable to work enough to support you and your family. This mess wasn't your fault. Sure, your lawyer is fighting for fair compensation, but that money could be months away. A pre-settlement lawsuit funding from TownCenter Partners can help ease your current money stress.

* The application is free.
* If you qualify, we can get you cash in about 24 hours.
* TownCenter Partner's legal funding is no-risk – if you lose your case you don't pay us back! No, we're not kidding.
* No monthly payments to worry about. You only pay us back when your case settles.
* Cash now means you don't have to settle too early so your attorney can fight for a fair (often larger) award for your lawsuit.

If the car or motor vehicle accident has left you cash-strapped, you're not without options, and you shouldn't have to go into deep debt. A legal funding gets you a portion of your future legal cash award to use now.

Here are some of the documents we will eventually need from you:

* Police Report
* Letter from insurance carrier acknowledging the claim
* Emergency Room Report/ Initial Medical Evaluation/ Diagnostics
* Hospital’s Admission and Discharge Summary
* MRI, CT Scan, X-Ray Reports
* Lawsuit complaint (if available)

If you would like provide specific information about your case, please click here for our inquiry form: Litigation Finance Form

Have questions and need more in-depth answers? See our guide to pre-settlement financing by clicking here:Questions Answered